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Al's Rent A Car

Welcome to Al's Rent A Car

Welcome to our lovely Islands! To help you enjoy your stay here we offer the widest range and biggest fleet of vehicles to suit your needs in getting around North Caicos and Middle Caicos (the Twin Island). Born out of a merger of the three oldest vehicle rental companies on the Twin Island, we proudly offer our customers an excess of 30 years experience in the business. Al's Rent A Car is committed to offering our customer the best service, the best vehicles, the best value and the best experiences.

We offer free pick up and delivery from the Ferry Landing in Bellefield Landing or at your home away from home here in our islands.

You can reach us at (649) 246-0188 or (649) 345-7422 Feel free to call or contact us via email for any further inquiries.

Twin Island Adventures

Attractions and Destinations

One small boat charter operator offers one or two tank dives from North Caicos. Gear is available for rent, or bring your own.
Middle Caicos Beaches
Many impressive beaches are found on Middle Caicos, including Mudjin Harbor, the finest landscape in the Turks and Caicos.
Wade's Green Plantation
Found near Kew on North Caicos, Wades Green is the best preserved and most famous historical plantation in the Turks and Caicos.
Flamingo Pond
1000s of Greater Flamingos can be seen at times at the Flamingo Pond overlook. The overlook is a distance from the pond, so it helps to bring binoculars.
Indian Cave
Indian Cave is a single gallery cave with many openings and skylights. It can be found just off the main road about half a mile west of Conch Bar Village and is well worth a quick stop.
Three Mary Cays
Found on the north coast between Sandy Point and Whitby, Three Mary Cays are three tiny rocky islands right near the beach. The scenery is beautiful here and there is excellent snorkeling not far out.
North Caicos Beaches
North Caicos offers many beautiful white sandy beaches for you to explore, all of which are located on the north shore. Most are secluded and deserted, and several good snorkeling spots can also be found.
 Mudjin Harbour
The Mudjin Harbour coastline offers what many consider to be the finest scenic landscapes in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Mudjin Harbour consists of two miles of spectacular high limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches.
Crossing Place Trail
Traditionally the main link between North and Middle Caicos, Crossing Place Trail is a mildly-strenuous path that leads along the breathtaking cliffs and beaches of Mudjin Harbour.
Haulover Plantation
About two miles north of the Lorimers settlement is Haulover Plantation ruins. Constructed by John Lorimer in 1791, Haulover was one of the largest plantations ever in the Turks and Caicos.
Cottage Pond
Explored by divers in 2001, this scenic 150 foot diameter fresh-water pond was found to have cave systems going down as deep as 250 feet. This is also an excellent site for bird watching. Easy stop right off of Sandy Point Road.
Conch Bar Cave
Conch Bar Cave is the largest above ground cave system in the entire Bahamas - Turks and Caicos archipelago.
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